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international conference on Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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May 2007
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TAN Pei Ghee
Using Music Television Videos (MTV) as a teaching strategy transforms the MTV into a powerful tool in engaging the students' minds towards self-motivated learning and creativity. The students' self-motivation to learn, to explore and analyze societal issue is in line with "teach less, learn more" as it engages students not by rote-learning. Through continuous training and reinforcement, this good practice will enhance the students' learning tremendously and nurture them as inquirers. In Class, students are given selected MTV to watch. After watching the MTV, students attempt worksheets which expose them to a wide array of stimulating and challenging questions which help them learn Chinese in creative and fun ways. The worksheets also help students to explore societal issues from different perspectives,namely (1) thinking, (2) reflecting, (3) arguing, (4) analyzing, (5) giving opinions and (6) creating. A debrief is usually done after the attempt. The intent of the lesson will also be discussed with students, thus establishing a co-relation between societal issues, our daily lessons as well as daily life. With the use of MTVs as a teaching and learning tool,it is also hoped that students will be moulded and developed into people who are willing to reflect, analyze and to throw up new ideas along their learning journey. This outcome is greatly in line with the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
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