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Kamarudin Bin Yusoff
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 

Serunai is a type of traditional musical instrument under the category of aerophones. It is very popular in Kelantan especially in the Wayang Kulit ( puppet play) and the Gendang Silat ( Malay Silat drum troupe). The serunai players in Kelantan now are mostly very old people and there are only a few of the wayang kulit troupes still performing in Kelantan. Information regarding the techniques of playing the serunai; it’s breathing system; the fingering methods and the oral recitals before the actual performance should be studied or obvious reasons. This is one of the reasons for this study.The person giving information  in this study is a famous serunai player in Kelantan. He is Mr. Hamzah Bin Yusof from Gelang Emas, Pasir Mas. The  study is done qualitatively. The questionnaires in this study are oral in nature and observations were made   during teaching  sessions. Observations were also made on the techniques of playing the serunai in actual playing sessions. These observations were recorded and reflections made during the field work to ensure  proper data collection. The triangular method was used for finding answers to  the questionnaires. The results shows that the tradisional methods of teaching the serunai was effective in teaching new students.

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