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Teo, Shih Chin
National Institute of Education
Year of completion: 
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


Teachers' perceptions of art education have powerful influences on the decisions of practice. However, little such research has been conducted in Singapore. Hence, this study intends to provide some perspective on primary school teachers' perceptions of art education and issues of art teaching. Due to time constraints, the study was conducted in one Singapore primary school. This investigation was guided by a research specialisation termed phenomenography.

The results revealed that respondents perceived developing self-expression, creativity and aesthetic appreciation as the value of art education. Such information, as one part of a larger mosaic, has relevance to the current reassessment of educational priorities in the light of Singapore's transition to a knowledge-based economy and the government's greater recognition and support for the arts. It has important implications for improving primary teachers' professional practice in art, and is potentially useful both to the revision of the primary art curriculum and in facilitating the planning of appropriate programmes to prepare teachers for the curriculum changes.

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