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Chua, Xin Yuan
National Institute of Education
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


There is a lack of research in Singapore about art education. This Academic Exercise is a research study, which inquires into students' perceptions about art and their art lessons. The intention is to illuminate some aspects of art education in Singapore in order to aid its improvement. The study traces the development of art education within the larger educational context of Singapore and discusses the recent implementation of the new art syllabuses which signal promising changes. This sets the platform for the investigation of how students perceive art and art education today. 

To collate students' opinion, a survey was administered to 356 lower-secondary students in a local neighbourhood school. The school was chosen because it adopted the new art syllabus in its art programmes. The findings revealed that nearly half the students were disinterested and dissatisfied with their current art lessons and thought that art, as a subject, was unimportant. However, many of them were able to give clear explanations of what they thought art was. This disparity was analysed and it was discovered that a major factor contributing to students' disaffection with art and art lessons, was their teachers' methods and attitudes. The findings suggested ways in which art education might be improved by encouraging teachers to become not only more knowledgeable about art, but also to adopt a learner-centred approach to teaching.

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