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Tan, Chiew Sern
National Institute of Education
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


Sculpture in Singapore has always been perceived as playing a secondary role to painting. This academic exercise will investigate this situation in the context of the secondary art teachers' perceptions of contemporary sculpture in Singapore. The study will focus on several aspects of sculpture in the local context, such as the development of sculpture and its practices, the teachers' breadth of knowledge on local sculptors and their work, their teaching practices and the constraints faced in teaching sculpture. It will discuss also their awareness of the changes that have taken place in the contemporary art scene. My research revealed that within the constraints of time and space, teachers seemed to focus more on the materials and technical approach, which leads to a neglect of the importance of meaning and ideas in art making. Furthermore, this lack of awareness on the part of the teachers resulted in students being under exposed to three-dimensional artworks. With the government's greater recognition and support for the arts, there is a need for attention to be focused on educating our future arts audience on the ways and means to appreciate art, in particular sculpture. Only then, the public's level of appreciation in sculpture will be raised, and eventually the interest and understanding with regard to three-dimensional works will grow.

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