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Name of Author: 
Suraya Hani Bt Zakaria
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 

This is a case study of the Art Education Subject of lower form at a school in Bentong,

Pahang. This study specialize on the description of how four teachers of form one and

two handle the teaching process of Visual Art Education using KBSM methodology.

Full attention were given to teacher background such as education qualification,

interest and characteristic and also their Art and Design teaching habits in class.

Teacher background information were collected during an interview with them. A

supervision was also held to observe their teaching habits. Besides, the writer also

interviewed the management team including the principal, the senior assistants, panel

head of Visual Art Education and the teacher uncharged of the library. Other than that,

the writer also made some studies on the school's documentation. The writer had

found that, first: three out of four Visual Art Education teachers in this school do not

have basic training to teach Visual Art Education. Second: the teaching habits of these

four teachers is not consistent with the objective of Visual Art Education program

especially in giving students the opportunity to develop their talents, interest and

creativity. Third: the room used by the teachers is not suitable for teaching and

learning process of Visual Art Education. Teaching in the classroom results boredom

to the students. Fourth: only basic art materials are available for the students learning

process. Fifth: the principles believes that Visual Art Education is not important

because it is not one of die subject tested in PMR.

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