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international conference on Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Month of Conference: 
May 2007
Name(s) of Author/Editor(s): 
NG Kok Vei Christopher, TOH Pei Ling, Masjor bin AHMAD HATIB
At the MOE Work Plan Seminar 2004, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Education, clearly pointed out that "too much learning today is aimed at recalling facts and model answers for examinations", and that too many Singaporeans "study for the sake of examinations and forget everything when the examinations were over". They also have little time and interest in reading beyond the examinable syllabus. Addressing the myopic focus of teaching and learning for assessment, and aligning with the Ministry of Education's call for a "Teach Less, Learn More" (TLLM) approach, the D&T department of Beatty Secondary School took on the first step in 2005 to re-design its lower secondary D&T curriculum and alternative mode of assessment to take teaching and learning of D&T to greater heights. In this paper, Beatty Secondary School will share her experience on how the lower secondary D&T curriculum and mode of assessment were re-designed to nurture pupils to develop inquiring minds through different learning styles, take ownership of their learning to become passionate lifelong learners, and be equipped with the relevant competencies to meet the future needs of industries. It will first explore the challenges educators face amidst the rapid changing landscape of D&T education in Singapore which has moved from "craft-based" to design/problem-based". Next it outlines the governing principles/philosophy, some of the practices rolled out at Beatty and their impact on teaching and learning. Finally, a reflection on the constraints and journey ahead.
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