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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Jiaxing Xie
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Hong Kong
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Reform on music and arts curriculum in China's (mainland) schools is carried out with the reform of China's basic education courses. It is closely related to the reform of China's school education and the over-all development of the society. China's Ministry of Education issued the article of “Essentials of Basic Education Courses Reform” on July 27th, 2001. It provides an over-all direction on China's basic education courses reform from aspects including reform goals, course structure, course standard, teaching procedure, writing and management of teaching material, commenting on courses, course management, teacher training, organizing and practicing of course reform. In the following three years, reform of the entire basic education curriculum in China was carried out in regulating the curriculum standard, writing of teaching materials and general adoption of new teaching materials. Reform on music and arts curriculum in China's schools started in this environment. What is the background of this reform? What kind of idea changes was shown in it? What are the specific methods of the reforms on music and art courses? This article discusses the over-all background and specific practice to illustrate the reform on music and art courses in China's schools.
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