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International Symposium on Performance Science
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Joey Chua Poh Yi
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This article illustrates the framework of a dance talent program at Singa-pore International School (SIS) in Hong Kong. SIS was established in 1991 and serves as one of the few private schools in Hong Kong that offers a primary and secondary dance curriculum. At the time of this re-search, dance was offered to primary one to four students and to secondary one and two students and an ad hoc dance talent program was offered to selected primary five students. This paper raises the question: what kind of dance talent program will address the needs of the diverse communities in the school? The dance talent program framework that emerges from the research describes rationale, content, and approaches as identified by the data and research participants. Research data collected includes dance syllabi from the established Dance School of Excellence in Queensland; questionnaires and/or interviews with selected parents, students and staff at SIS and with the head of modern dance at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. It is hoped that this case study will allow the transferability of a dance talent program to other schools in the near future.
Country of Research: 
Hong Kong
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