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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Ji Hyun Park
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Hong Kong
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This study examined the effects of various predictors on engaging in and persisting with activities of instrumental music as a turning point for instrumental tuition in Korea and whether instrumental music students aspire to become professional musicians, continue to play as amateurs or have no motivation to continue playing. Participants were 180 instrumental music students of ages 10-13 years. They completed questionnaires to measure self-efficacy, self-perception of values and attitudes, enjoyment of performing, quantity of practice, quality of practice and perceived social influences. Their teachers were asked to rate the students on performance. The data were analyzed using correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis in SPSS 12.0 for Windows. The best predictors of aspirations to continue instrumental music were self-perception of values and attitudes, family support, and enjoyment of performing. Internal and motivational factors (self-perception of values and attitudes and enjoyment of performing) were significant for students aspiring to become professionals, while external factors and motivation (self-perception of values and attitudes, family support, and school environment) were significant for those aspiring amateurs. The findings indicated the importance of motivation and provided data on how to encourage young people to take up and continue with musical activities.
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