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Norizan Binti Ujang
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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The main purpose of this survey is to study the implementation of the evaluation method conducted by the visual art teachers in two secondary PSKM schools at Hulu Selangor district. Secondly is to find out the competency level of teachers in implementing PKSM. For this purpose, survey from 20 samples of teachers who taught visual art and 80 samples of form 4 students who took elective subject were valued according to 3 stages that are weak, fair and good. This survey uses questioners as a tool that has been mentioned. It was divided into 2 sections consist of background such as sex, age, race designation, option and school location while section B consist of 21 items that are related to knowledge education and teaching as well as their skill level in PKSM For Students respondent, each questionnaire is divided into 2 sections. For section A consist of background such as sex, age, race, address, interest and achievement grade while in section B, consist of 10 items that relate to their opinion towards evaluation activities conducted by their teachers during teaching and learning in class. The output from this analysis derived from the Statistic Package for Social Science Version 14.0. The descriptive method and cross tabulation are used to retrieved output whether it has any bearing and relationship between the 2 variables. To test the hypothesis, One-Way ANOVA Variance analysis is used. The result derived from the survey concluded the null hypothesis stated, that there is no significant different between option teacher and method of evaluation were not true and therefore was rejected. It means that the option teacher has influence the competency level of individual teacher in implementing evaluation method. Besides that option teacher also influences the evaluation method through writing activities such as making folio. Output from students respondents are also being used to support the fact that relates to the frequency of teachers conducting evaluation activities while teaching in class. The teachers terms experience also influence the level of competency in implementing the evaluation method. Thus it is recommended that the teacher should upgrade their knowledge and competency from time to time in implementing the PKSM.

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