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Name of Author: 
Zaharah Binti Abd Manap
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

The objective of this research is to find out the perceptions of  music teachers towards

the  effectiveness  of  using  Kompang  Multimedia  Interactive  Software  in  assisting

 the process of  teaching and learning Music Education. The samples, which were

involved in  using  the  software,  were  teachers    teaching  music  without  any  formal  music

education  during  their  teaching  training.  This  research  also  looked  into  the  impact 

of using    multimedia  towards  the  teaching  and  learning  music  situations.  The  software

were devised using  Macromedia Authoware 6.5  supported by other softwares such as

Ulead Media Studia, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Microsoft Word 2000 and Ulead Cool 3D.

The software was also devised by adapting the Secondary School Curriculum Syllabus

and the course outline of the one year Specialist Teaching Certificate Course in Music

Education,  and  was  made  suitable  for  the  Music  Education  of  the  Primary  School

Syllabus.  Even  though there  is  no  specific  topic related  to  “kompang”  in  the  Primary

School Syllabus, it can still be incooperated with the music aspects that are available in

the  syllabus.  The  findings  show  that  the  usage  of  the  up-to-date  media  such  as  the

music software,  supported by the computer, is able to give positive impact in  music

teaching  and  learning  situations    compared  to  the  use  of    media  or  the  conventional

instruments. From the music teachers’ perceptions, the research findings also show that

the  software  is  capable  in  assisting    them  in  carrying  out  their  teaching  and  learning

music better.


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