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Abdul Manaf Bin Asmuni
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Many programmes that involved the usage of computer equipments had been carried out in the schools under Malaysia Ministry of Education since 2000. The construction of computer laboratories, supplement of desktops and laptops had been distributed to all government school. Diverse reaction could be seen in printed media, radio and television concerning this action from government of this action that talked about to the advantages and disadvantages of such act. Visual Art Education had not been left out in receiving computer equipments through Curriculum Development Centre Malaysia Ministry of Education. The supplement of this equipment had been classified only to be used for Visual Art Education only and had to be placed in art room. This research is carried out to see whether computer equipment that had been supplemented is being used as it was predetermined by Curriculum Development Centre. The study is carried out since the acceptance of the computer equipments by the school management, the conduct of the acceptance of the stocks procedures and inventories. This is followed by the planning to make full use of the equipments optimally by the ‘panitia’ and the teachers. Finally, the impact that was received from teachers as well as the students with the usage of this equipment. The result of this study showed that in three schools where the research was conducted had carried out all the requirements from Curriculum Development Centre. These schools have fully utilized the supplemented equipment for the Visual Art Subject. The usage of this supplemented equipment covered the works in curriculum field to accomplish the content of subject curriculum as well as to fulfill task in co-curriculum area for club and art society. The limited numbers of equipment make teachers and students have to use the computer equipment facilities in computer laboratories to carry out the assigned task. The school also has been using non-option art teachers to train Visual Art teachers that have insufficient skills to handle the supplemented equipments and software. The result also showed that the administration, teachers and students aware of the opportunities that can be gained in future with the students abilities to master the skills in graphic works using the computer equipments. The result of this study is hope to be able to assist the people that are directly involved in supplementing this equipment, the people that train as well as the people that plan the utilization to improve the planning as well as the execution that had been proven successful. It is hope that other researchers continue this research and will study this matter in different aspects and location in future. 

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