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Siti Hayati Binti Haji Yusoffh
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 

When we discuss about influence in the learning process among Orang Asli

students, who comes from different ethnic among themselves, in schools, we cannot

ignore about the issue of development and their way of thinking based on this unique

background among Orang Asli community, I felt a calling to do a research about social

influence which focuses on factors that influences the process of acquiring attitude among

Orang Asli students, when leraning Visual Art as a subject. Based on my observation in

these 9 years, I found that in the livelihood of the Orang Asli community, Art has a high

value in their community. They like entertainment, crafts, nature and 'laid back'

situations which doesn't require mind improvement.

Orang Asli students like doing physical works but not works which require mind

application. This is due to social influence in their life. Therefore, before doing this

research, a few aspects have to be identified like understanding the background of Orang

Asli social-culture and practice, as well attitude and characters of the Orang Asli

community which is different from other races. All these aspects will then be looked into

to understand the issues of belief in their community.

Some art works produced by their ancestors and parents, encourages the capability

among Orang Asli students to observe their surrounding. They do have knowledge based

on what they see and experience with their family, thus the painting produced by Upper 6 Orang Asli students is influenced by their "belief among the community, which has be

passed on from generations to generations.

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