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Mohd Yusof Bin Mohd Ali
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Pamor carries two meanings. The first depicts motifs that are reflected in lines, curve,spinals, 'nude', dots or stripes that are visible on the 'Keris' swiface. The second is attributed to the tools of the 'pamor'' maker. The patterns of design which appear on the 'Keris' are the result of differences in trues and content of the metal products elements used in the making of a 'Keris'. The community at large lacks a great under standing pertaining the pamor keris. It carries with it with critical cultural values. Many know ledge able traditional crafts persons are however no experts in 'pamor'. Even if there were any, many among them showed them prowess in the creation of other weaponry. We have reached a critical stage where by we need to delve into the origins and existence of the '@pamor' keris. There is a dire need to research and establish the creation of the '@pamor keris, its classification and the perception of it in the Malay community. Based on the theory and detailed philosophy an expert in making the keris ''pamor' will ascertain that his skills are handed down to his children immediate family members who want to leam this a esthetic skill last form. As a result of this qualitative and research it is helped that the community perception of thistraditional creation is preserved for generation to hold in high esteem.

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