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Name of Author: 
Norhhasilah Binti Mohamed Ali
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

'The Estatical Value Motif Of Batik Tradisional Kelantan'.The reason of this research is

to identity the main motif that be used in batik tradisional Kelantan., the estatical value

and the connection between Malay community with the batik tradisional Kelantan motif.

There are a few approach that can be used by the research in this type pf research, such as

material analysis, library analysis and data tringulasion approach. A few motif that been

used to batik tradisional like flora motif, fauna motif, geometri motif, abstract motif and

the last one is isen motif, but most of the researcher give more attention to the main

motif, they are flora, fauna and geometri. These motif are the ideas that fram natural

element of Malay society. These motif represent softness, united, courteonsness,

kindness, love and respect in Malay society. These lessons been translated or been

symbolized through those motif. The estatical element in batik motif can be seen through

observation, of that artistical way. The estatical element can be seen through formal

estatical and non formal estatical. The connection between Malay society and those batik

motif are been described through these artistical warks based on natural environment and

daily life routine that have all the moral value, education and lessons to Malay society


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