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Badrul Isa
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Cultural diversity is generally accepted fact. Therefore the understanding of other cultures is crucially important and it may helps to maintain the stability in society. Living in multicultural society requires a high level of understanding and respectfulness to those from other cultures. In this context one the best way to inculcate this value is through education. Art is believed to be one of the channels. Art According to Chalmer (1996), in his book Celebrating Pluralism, Art Education And Cultural Diversity, noted that art is a powerful, pervasive force that helps to shape our attitude, beliefs, values and behaviors. The understanding of multiculturalism and art education concepts helps educator to build a bridge among student from a different background. This essay deals with a question on how art education can fit into the multicultural society and the implication to Malaysian art education and a study of Malaysian art education will be examined. This is to look as to whether the Malaysian art education curriculum can promote cultural awareness particularly in the effort to develop a united Malaysian society with their own identity
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