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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Sai Ying Tse and Samuel Leong
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berthatse@alumni.cuhk.net, sleong@ied.edu.hk
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong

Mentoring has long been recognized as an effective approach in the professional development of teachers since it combines career advancement and psychosocial development (Kram, 1988). While a body of mentoring research in music education focusing on professional development exists (Benson, 2008; Conway, 2008; Haack, 2006), there is little evidence that the benefits arising from the process have been recognized or acted upon at the governmental level. Through the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative pre-, present- and post-case study data from a three-year school-based mentoring program in Hong Kong, this paper examines how the effective delivery of the music curriculum in early childhood education can be enhanced by the implementation of mentoring in helping to ensure the long-term professional development of its participants. The findings indicate the inadequate amount of training and preparation for kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong to adequately deliver a multifaceted music curriculum, and the mentor could fulfill the role of a music specialist. As a reference source for those considering the implementation of similar programs within their kindergarten settings, the findings can have applications across different subject areas, providing a practical perspective on the implications for sustained delivery as it pertains to novice and veteran teachers alike. To this end, a number of considerations as they relate to the research objectives – along with practical recommendations for the various stakeholders involved within early childhood education – are also discussed.

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