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2010 De La Salle University (DLSU) Arts Congress, Manila Philippines
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February 2010
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Cynthia B. Loza
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This qualitative study sought to answer the central question ‘Why and how should the study of traditional Filipino arts (TFA) be integrated in the art and design program?’ It addressed the following specific objectives: To describe the ontological and epistemological perspectives of Filipino traditional arts and materials in art and design education; to explore how situated learning can be used for the teaching of Filipino traditional arts; to describe students’ transformative learning experiences in the context of a situated learning pedagogy, and to identify the various aspects of an integrated visual art education, and the extent to which traditional arts and materials can be integrated in the curriculum.

We employed various tools of inquiry in the different stages of this study. In the first phase, we gathered the views of educators who have long advocated the inclusion of traditional arts in formal education through semi-structured interviews. In the second phase, we asked tertiary-level artist-teachers to participate in an in-service training program on traditional arts. This consisted of fieldwork, learning and interaction with traditional art practitioners, and the documentation of traditional artists, and their arts and

materials. We used journal-writing to gather the artist-teachers’ reflections about their TFA learning experiences. The artist-teachers conducted a trial integration of traditional arts in their respective classes. The learning activities consisted of classroom lectures by the artist teachers, talks by experts on Philippine culture and the arts, and art-making demonstrations conducted by teachers and traditional artists.

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