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Kwang, N.
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Ng Aik Kwang
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Prentice Hall
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"In his controversial bestseller, Dr Ng Aik Kwang asserted that Asians are less creative than Westerners because of their cultural background. But he also argued that in the right environment, Asians can be as creative as Westerners. School teachers play an important role in making the environment right for creativity. Recognizing this, Dr Ng has written this new book for the creative teacher. It is based on his personal experience of instructing teachers to cultivate creatvitiy in the Asian classroom. Drawing on his experience, Dr Ng describes many real examples of what creative teachers do to develop the creative potential of Asian students. The reader will be exposed to the latest scientific research and findings on creativity, and also pick up many useful tips on how to liberate the creative spirit in Asian students" - Back cover.

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