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Masdiana Binti Sulaiman
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

The purpose of this study is to investigate to effectiveness of teaching and

learning Tradisional Batik Craft on Form 4 students' of a secondary school in the district

of Kuala Selangor. In addition, this study reveals respondents level of attainment and

under standing on the art of batik craft. This is an obserrational study which uses three

sets of instruments; questionnaires, theoretical test on Batik Craft and students' interview.

An efficient learning devires from a solid discipline which can be obtained from our

prominent culture. The efficiency is based on the affection and accomplishment in

society. Furthermore, this study examines the affectiveness of teaching and learning

Traditional Batik Craft in class. The respondents of this study are students of Form 4

Budi, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Jeram, Kuala Selangor. Questionnaires and

interviews with teachers and students are used to gather lucid and precise. Findings

besides, students will be assessed by answering 20 comprehension questions based the

level of Bloom Texonomy. The findings of this study will be concluded to get an accurate

answer. This is a blend study of the effectiveness of teaching and learning Traditional

Batik Craft and the inculclation of good moral values among students. Besides, it

provides understanding, skills and instills a sense of appreciation to art and craft. It also

ensures that the development of students mentality on the values of appreciating speldor

and aesthetics beauty will be aligred with National Education Philosophy. The findings of

this study discover many difficulties arise in teachers process of teaching and learning in

school. Some of them are preparation of materials, be deficient in device or means to

produce Batik and inappropriate classroom environment for craft activities. Finally, this

study puts forward recommendations art teachers are suggested to be given a course on

right and proper teaching techniques and only teachers with good criterias, trained and

qualified should be elected in the field of Batik Craft.

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