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2010 De La Salle University (DLSU) Arts Congress, Manila Philippines
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February 2010
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Naomi M. Enriquez

This paper is an integration of past years of experiences and observations in teaching dance and the conceptualization of a dance production entitled Hugnay: Katutubong Sayaw, Modernistang Galaw, in which there is fusion of the traditional Philippine folk dance movements and the Neo-Folk movements. The dance production consists of three parts. The first two parts features selected traditional Philippine folk dances from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao presented in five different suites: Cordillera, Maria Clara, Lumad Mindanao, Muslim Mindanao, and Rural. The third part features five Neo-Folk dances, the new dance hybrid having the flavors of the traditional folk dances inspired by contemporary dances. Folk dancing and education still prevail as the main approach in preserving traditional and cultural tradition of dance in the Philippines, amid the challenges of globalization and postmodernity. The University of the Philippines, with its program under the Department of Human Kinetics-College of Arts and Sciences and through the initiative of a dance group, the UPLB Filipiniana Dance Troupe, are the major keys in this effort. Through the dance concert series entitled Hugnay (Fusion), many are achieved and explored, including the merging of new and old, the traditional and global, the folk and urban, the ethnic and popular through dance movements and interpretation known as Neo-Folk movements. Thus, The conceptualization of this dance production serves as an avenue for the cultural partnership of the indigenous peoples and the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos in exploring new dance aesthetics and articulation in this era of complex realities. 

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