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Tan, Nathanael Tak Thye
National Institute of Education
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


This academic exercise looks at the use of video as a medium in contemporary art practice within the context of Singapore. It discusses the prominence, viability and potential of the video medium in relation to the current Singapore art scene. The paper will first try and propose a loose definition to the term video and video art in relation to the Singapore context, providing the framework for video art in which to work with in the following chapters. It will then try to look at the brief history of the medium and its use within the local art scene. The development of video in the country will be explored through artists practising the medium, the art personalities familiar with the use of the medium, as well as the spaces that allow the medium to exist and be explored. Finally, the paper will look at the future of video in Singapore, its impact, as well as its potential for development in the future. The aspect of the pedagogical usefulness of video in art education will also be explored.

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