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Abdul Lattif Bin Poli
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Music as an aural art which cannot be used effectively without well-developed listerning skills relating to perception, cognition, memory, understanding, discrimination, judgement and valuing. Thus, selecting suitable media for teaching, such as appropriate songs can help in increasing students’ interests and improving their listening skills in music lessons. Previous research proved that students have high interests in popular music. This research was conducted to utilize and examine the effects of using popular music towards students’ listening skills achivement in melody specifically contour and range. The main objective of this study was to compare student’s achivement in posttest between treatment group which used popular music with students in control group which used songs recommended in KBSM. This study also aimed to examine the effect of background specifically gender and race towards achivement in using popular music. Finally, this study investigated the correlation between students achivement with of parents incomes, students’, interests and their evalution on popular music due to melody class lesson. A total of 36 students who were studying music ducation in SMK. Methodist Tanjung Malim, Perak participated in the study. This study had employed experimental design which involved  post tests onlyThe randomized blocking design was used in this experimental design. A pretest was conducted to equally divide the participants into the treatment and control group. Data on the research were analysed using Independent Sample T-test, One Way Anova and correlation. Results showed that, the treatment group is improved significantly as compared to the control group. However the result of the treatment group posttest based on genders and races was not significant. Correlation test between treatment group posttests achivement score on parents incomes, attitudes, interests and students evaluation on music lessons showed significant relationship between the variables. As a conclusion this study found that students who used popular music achieved better results in listening skills specifically on contour and range of melody as compared to students who used KBSM songs.

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