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Khalijah Binti Ahmad
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

The main objective of this research is to study sol/expression in pre-school children's

art, that is to investigate the factors that encourage the formation of self expression in a

child besides to study the common forms, meanings and symbols. This research includes

15 respondents consisting of pre-schoolers from the KEMAS Pre-School (Tadika

KEMAS) in Kepala Batas. Through literature review, the researcher has classified the

internal and external factors which are considered to be influential factors in the

formation of self expression in pro-school children's art.  The internal factors are

interest, creativity, emotion, background and experience, whereas, the external factors

comprises aspects such as environment, classroom facilities, teaching and learning

process, teachers and materials.  On the whole, this research uses the qualitative

approach through a case study using observations and inteviews. The researcher also

uses the technique of survey through a questionnaire to obtain information about the

background and living environment of respondents.   Data analysis by descriptive

interpretation is used in this research to explain this study in as detailed as possible,

besides restructuring data into reality form in order for readers to understand. Research

results show that there is a relationship between both factors with the formation of self

expression in a child, whereas, shapes formed in drawings give different meanings to an

artist's interpretation. Apart from that, research results also show that common symbols

used by children in pre-school are based on objects around them. The implication of

this study is children at pre-school level should be given freedom besides support,

motivation and others to stimulate creativity in their self expression in producing art.

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