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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Amanda Watson, David Forrest and Neryl Jeanneret
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Hong Kong
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In 2002, the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) commenced discussions about the development of professional standards for Australian Music Educators. Although most Australian States and Territories had developed generic professional standards for teachers, this research was prompted by current work on establishing subject-specific professional standards for teachers of English and Literacy, Mathematics and Science. In addition, the Australian Dance Council had developed professional standards for dance teachers, and Drama Australia had developed a position on “working conditions” for drama teachers. The writers have explored the initial responses to the development of subject-specific standards from the profession, and highlighted the plethora of generic standards and accompanying papers that impact currently on Australian teachers. Following an Issues Forum in July 2003 where initial perceptions were gauged, participants in a national summit on standards in February 2004 developed a first draft of standards for music educators. The future directions acknowledged in this paper highlight a number of observations. In Australia there are now multiple sets of standards, some for professional development and some for performance appraisal. Should it become a requirement of a teachers’ employment that standards be developed for certification, it is recognised that a nationally coordinated and consistent approach be required and the previously developed subject-specific standards need to be sufficiently broad to be accommodated.
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