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Title of Proceedings: 
international conference on Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Month of Conference: 
May 2007
Name(s) of Author/Editor(s): 
Dennis Sale
This paper summarizes a framework for promoting creative teaching, which has been derived from applied research and practice over the past 4 years. The framework moves beyond present approaches that typically lend allegiance to a specific paradigmatic orientation (e.g., constructivism, cognitivism, etc). The paper firstly argues that traditional notions of 'behaviourism' vs 'constructivism' and 'rote-learning' vs discovery learning' etc, are now clearly part of an educational 'Jurassic Park', but unfortunately still dominate much educational discourse. It then proposes a fully eclectic approach to the design of learning, drawing from many fields of research and practice (e.g., experimental/cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, human communications, etc). From this perspective, we are concerned primarily by the contributions that can be made to increasing the quality of student learning outcomes, not philosophical or psychological orientation. Ultimately, this perspective will come to constitute a 'science of learning' and provide a solid empirical base for designing effective and creative pedagogic strategies. Finally, the paper outlines the Creative Teaching Framework, based on the approach above, and shows how it can be used to empower teachers to develop and accelerate their creative teaching competence. The framework has been adopted in a wide range of educational institutions, both in Singapore and overseas.
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