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Lenny Nurlaeni Binti Arifin
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Ceramic from Sayung Village, Kuala Kangsar, is known as “labu sayung”, it is an artistic heritage and a cultural treasure. It has unique form, in style and shape, design, colour and material as well as the burning process. The ceramic from Sayung Village was initially produced for utilitarian purposes, confined to household utilities, but it is now more in demand and has extended to decorative and ornamental accessories for interior design for homes and offices.

The research aims to study a problem about developing and continual problems encountered by the family of craftsmen in Sayung Village in embracing the skill and retaining it in the family, exclusively in Kepala Bendang villlage which happens through socialization and education within the family. Based on objectives, the study is conducted using the qualitative approach, which is suitable to the nature of the problem.

The findings revealed that the ceramic practice in Kepala Bendang Village is predominantly conducted within the family of the craftsmen. The craft is passed on to the next generation through son, daughters, grandchildren member of kin , and other who became family members through mariage. The learning process within the family has developed an attitude amongst the younger generation to continue the legacy in the village, as a vocation for the welfare of the family.

The existence of the educational pattern, correlated with natural circumstances of the village, i.e. the readiness for material raw (clay). Plus the fact that, ceramics product are able to sustain the family’s needs. In the context of sosialization within the craftmanship, women especially the mother play an important role. The main products are ceramic form that has been designed, patterned, and shaped to market’s needs. Some are even designed on special request.The research hoped to give some understandings on the educational process that happens within the family of he craftsman, and to create a catalyst for other researchers who wish to continue on a similar research, exploring other place and crafts in the same domain.

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