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Kwan, C., Ling, Q. and Sylva, K.
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Celina Kwan, Quah May Ling, and Kathy Sylva
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National Institute of Education
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This study aims to examine full day centre-based care environment of Singaporean pre-school children and how variations in this environment affect their creative and social development over one school year. It also investigated the impact of the family environment, the centres' staff characteristics and their job satisfaction on children's development.

Conclusions reached in this study focus on the role of parents in nurturing the quality of the home environment and their choice of childcare centres. The findings in the study highlight problems associated with childcare staff and the degree of job satisfaction achieved. Correlations were also drawn about the quality of the childcare centre environment and how it impinged on children's creativity and social development in the classroom. It also showed the link between positive staff characteristics to higher levels of early childhood training. Also examined was the value of the ECERS-R as a research instrument.

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