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Tye, Yolande Siew Lan
Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Chong, Sylvia
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Educational outreach programmes by professional performing arts groups around the world have been recorded as far back as 1868. Today many orchestras and opera companies run outreach programmes for youth and the community. In Singapore, education outreach programmes are becoming more accessible with greater funding becoming available to schools, especially under the National Arts Council's Arts in Education Programme. Local ethnic groups such as the Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Group perform regularly in school assembles under this programme. As there has been a need to add more value to what may often be considered merely entertainment for students, a Music educational package was developed for their Traditional Malay Music assembly presentation. Hence the study intends to find out if the educational package does indeed add value to the assembly programme. This case study traces the purposes of the educational package for the Sri Warisan Som Said group and examines how the package supports the assembly presentation. This was done through questionnaires, observations and interviews with teachers who were amongst the first to receive the educational package. The results describe the attention that traditional Malay music holds in the Music classroom, as well as identifies areas where the educational kit successfully supports the assembly presentations. Topics in the kit that may be further developed or improved upon are also mentioned, as well as suggestions for further research.

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