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Title of Proceedings: 
international conference on Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Month of Conference: 
May 2007
Name(s) of Author/Editor(s): 
LIANG Chee Wei, TAN Woon Siong, SAKARYOH Samsiyah, & NEO Soon Seng
The Design and Technology curriculum has always been premised on the importance of developing creative thinking abilities. Researches from cognitive psychology, engineering and invention have suggested several promising creative thinking strategies for design and technology classes. These strategies are emerging at a time of transformational changes bought about by development in information technologies. This paper attempts to explore a range of existing creative thinking strategies that are carried out without the use of information technologies. And suggest strategies to bridge the gap between applications of these strategies with the use of tablet notebooks. Qualitative studies are conducted to identify students' pervasive creative thinking processes expressed through use of tablet notebooks. Drawings from students are evaluated to determine how images are made from keywords from creative thinking strategies and the thinking path taken by them for understanding creative thinking strategies. Based on this study, we present a model of a thinking path for understanding the creative thinking process of design while using tablet notebooks. This will assist teachers in facilitating design through the use of tablet notebooks in the future.
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