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Badrul Isa

No society exists without a culture. Sociologically, culture represents identity, and it dictates the manner in which people conduct themselves. In a multi-cultural society like Malaysia, identity and behavior take on a different dimension. A multicultural society requires a unique and delicate manner of governance. It demands a high level of tolerance, understanding and respect among its constituents. To ensure national integration, Malaysia has included “cross-cultural sensitivity” in all aspects of administration, including political and economic policies, the legal system, businesses, education, etc. The following discussion shares the unique experience of Malaysia in inculcating the spirit of togetherness and national integrity among its citizens, with a particular emphasis on its education system. It also explains the role of arts education as a tool of national integration in a society of so many races, ethnicities and sub-ethnicities.

Link to full text: http://education.uitm.edu.my/v1/images/stories/publication/badrul/multriculturalism.pdf

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