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Azman Bin Mohamad Hussain
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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This study is an effort to disclose British figurative sculptures relating to its meaningful aesthetical and historical characteristics in the development of visual arts and cultural history. It is a detailed visual study, to talk about colonial figurative sculptures that introduces great personalities during British colonialism in the Malay States once upon a time ago. The existence of those figurative sculptures is the reflection of their power of their colonialism. It depicts how the British set up those sculptures that bring forward Western culture towards the structure of the society at that time. The study includes few stages of detailed description and interpretation. This includes visual description and later being described by using the Variety Visual Experience approach. It consists of 4 stages of interpretation which consist of description, formal analysis, interpretation dan finally, evaluation. These such sculptures give such impact towards the acceptance of the society of our country at that time. They have certain motives on bringing forward the sculptures among their audience. It is a projected power as they are able to change the attitudes of certain groups of the society with Western values. This writing will give a better understsanding on how our society is being cultured by the colonials before. Hence, it will be a source of reference for later generation about the development of figurative sculptures in our country.

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