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Ida Puteri Binti Mahsan
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Art appreciation is one of the activities in arts which enable us to observe, evaluate, value

and validate art. Visual art is an artistic production on dual dimensional surface that

includes drawing, painting, poster, illustration and many more. Undeniably, an artwork

will be appreciated by its artist, however it also needs the appreciation of others who are

part of the society. This research focuses on students of the private tertiary institutional to

see the extent of which their appreciation of art can develop. The research has been

conducted at Olympia College Petaling Jaya involving students of Graphic Design. This

research applies qualitative methods. This qualitative method is taught to be suitable

because its provide answer to how, what and why. This method features use

understanding, explanation, internalizing values of humanity. To obtain information, the

relevant methods of data compilation that has been used are interviews, survey,

observation, audio recording, visual recording and document. The research has been

conducted by observing students' indoor and outdoor activities and comprehension tine

extent of their art appreciation when provided with an artwork. This activity for art

appreciation is of utmost significance in ths development of art mainly due to its ability to observe awareness on aesthetic values and beauty in an artwork. Tlie role of the critic in providing understanding on form and meaning in art is just as important in providing less complicated implicit and explicit meanings. Apparently, the demands of the modern life have brought art parallel with technological advancements. The consistent role of

appreciation in each individual of the society results in art being relentlessly contemporary. In addition to that, organizations such as galleries and local population

play a major role in aiding the advancement of arts in Malaysia.


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