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Title of Proceedings: 
international conference on Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Month of Conference: 
May 2007
Name(s) of Author/Editor(s): 
CHAN Jung-Hsuan, CHUANG Hsiu-Tyan
"Basic Design" is a course to help develop creative thinking. Its purpose is to train interior design students to develop independent thinking as well as creative design ability. Creative abilities can be cultivated by education and through guiding process. Creative teaching can provoke students to bring in new ideas and new works. Based on the action research method, the researcher applied several creative teaching techniques in this study. The freshman's "Basic Design" course was first inspected to identify problems. After actual teaching, creative teaching achievement was examined, and then the teaching program was adjusted accordingly. The process was repeated several times. The goal is to improve teaching quality of the design course and to elevate students' learning achievements. Through out the research, along with the design theme "Glass Bottles Observation and Expression", several creative teaching techniques, such as morphological analysis, attribute listing, brainstorming, and imagination, were applied. Teaching theory and teaching practice are fully combined in the whole process. Based on student attendance and interaction recorded, as well as experts' evaluations on student's projects, it demonstrates that applying creative teaching techniques in the design course does effectively help raise students learning interest and motivation. The scores of student's works are above average as well.
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