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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Manny Brand
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Hong Kong
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Korea, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong
The Asia-Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research (APSMER) serves to promote music education research, disseminate research findings, and encourage academic exchange in the Asia-Pacific Region.    Since 1997, there have been four meeting of APSMER (held in Yongji, Korea; Tasmania, Australia; Nagoyo, Japan; and Hong Kong, China).  Based on an examination of extant APSMER documents (conference programs and proceedings), this study examined the content and the professional involvement in these APSMER meetings.  Particular attention was paid to the interests, trends, and contributions of Asia-Pacific music education researchers as revealed by the:  (1) nature and direction of the research topics presented at each APSMER meeting from 1997 to 2003; and (2) extent of involvement (attendance) of music education researchers, by country, at APSMER meetings.  This analysis provides APSMER members and leaders the opportunity to pause and reflect on the research interests of conference delegates and the degree of participation by country within Asia, the Pacific, and beyond.  Importantly, a systematic examination of research presentations at APSMER is one indicator of the nature and direction of music education research within the largest music education region in the world.
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