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September 2014 - September 2016

This study aims to track and examine the development and implementation of a multi-disciplinary immersive arts experience, BOTH SIDES, NOW, which explores end-of-life issues. BOTH SIDES, NOW is a community arts project that encourages its audiences to move away from perceiving death and dying as taboo subjects and to engage in authentic and important discussions about ‘what it means to live well, and to leave well’. It aims to embolden healthcare workers, caregivers and members of the general public to explore end-of-life issues and engage in conversations about living and dying. By fostering these types of conversations, the creative team of BOTH SIDES, NOW hopes to cultivate a greater awareness of the things people value in life, how they want to live and the end-of-life decisions they might want to make. BOTH SIDES, NOW invites its audiences to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and stories on living and dying, and to consider what they want for themselves and those they love. This research project aims to investigate the ways the arts event BOTH SIDES, NOW has been perceived by, and impacted stakeholders and audiences, and identify ways in which communities have responded to the work. It seeks to identify what can be learned from immersive arts experiences like this, and identify elements of the work that engage communities. In addition, the study proposes to examine the research and creative processes of the creative team in the development of the work.

Researchers: Prue Wales (NIE) and Charlene Rajendran (NIE)

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