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June 2014 - December 2015

As part of strategic directions in professionalizing the fraternity and developing the 21st century music educator and its identity, "Singapore Teachers Academy for the aRts" (STAR) is developing a unique curriculum "Teaching Living Legends" for the professional development (PD) of music teachers. The curriculum aims to develop an understanding of the local living music traditions an d how these could be taught in the 21st century general music classroom. It is built on the 3Ps (Practice, Pedagogy, Perspective) PD framework which STAR has developed to guide the design of PD programs. "Teaching Living Legends" will be implemented through a milestone program for in-service Music teachers.
Music teachers have given feedback that they need training in different music traditions. Based on interactions with music teachers, STAR observed that many music teachers in Singapore seem to have: a) little understanding of the diverse music traditions in Singapore; and, b) how these musics could be taught in the 21st century general music classroom. As there are many music traditions in Singapore, and teachers have limited time to acquire these diverse knowledge and skills, STAR seeks to address the challenge to efficiently and effectively develop music teachers' understanding of these music traditions through a workshop to a level that teachers are confident of their abilities to teach these with appropriate pedagogies. STAR believes that the 3Ps framework provides a way forward in designing resources and curriculum that will provide teachers with the tools and some confidence to teach local music traditions in their classes.
This study is a 'proof of concept' development project which seeks to examine how the STAR's 3Ps framework could be applied in the design of the curriculum and how each 'P' weighs in to increase teachers' confidence and competence in teaching local music traditions in the general music classroom. 

Related Website: http://www.star.moe.edu.sg/star-professional-development-programmes/music-programmes/milestone-programmes/teaching-living-legends

Principal Investigator: Dr Lum Chee Hoo

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr Pamela Costes-Onishi

Research Assistant: Lu Shanhwa, Tai Shuxia

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