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23 November 2010
NIE Lecture Theatre 9 (Block 3, 01-LT9) National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore...
SYNOPSIS: Applied Theatre is a vibrant and rapidly developing field of practice and research with a growing presence in Singapore. The term Applied Theatre, as practitioner and theorist Judith...
25 October 2010
NIE Recital & Ensemble Room (Block 3, 01-01) National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk,...
SYNOPSIS: This 60-minute presentation would showcase the music of a celebrated Filipino musician, Noel Cabangon, and his reflective journeys as a singer-songwriter and an artist-teacher.Noel is well-...
20 October 2010
NIE Choral Room (Block 3, 02-04) National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
 SYNOPSIS:Listening to music and playing instruments are the 2 basic domains for the subject music in primary education in The Netherlands (Europe). Other forms of musical behavior like music...
18 October 2010
NIE Art Gallery
  SYNOPSIS:The presentation will cover the personal experiences of Koh Nguang How in photographing and archiving art in Singapore. Koh is currently working on the self-initiated “...
13 October 2010
Music Room NIE3-02-07 National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk
 FORUM DETAILSWeekly music interaction sessions for persons with intellectual disabilitiesJoyce Lim. This case study explores weekly music interaction sessions at a home for the intellectually...
16 September 2010
Music Room NIE 3-02-07 National Institute of Education, Singapore
  FORUM DETAILSThe development of the Creative Arts in Early Childhood curriculum (Malaysia) DR. PATRICIA BOWES. Senior Lecturer in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy,  Universiti...
28 May 2010
National Institute of Education, Singapore
Symposium 18 at the III International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science 2010Speakers:1) Dr Stephanie Burridge, Lecturer, Singapore Management University2) Dr Caren Carino, Head of...
11 May 2010
Child Development Centre, NIE
FORUM DETAILSChildren's Meaning-Making through Graphic-Narrative PlaySusan Wright. (Professor, Early Childhood & Special Needs Education, NIE)This features the arts-based method of...
9 March 2010

Nanyang Playhouse, National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616

At the launch, the CARE website was presented along with the arts education research database.This was followed by a forum on The Implementation of Creative Activities in the Arts Education Classroom.
8 March 2010
Nanyang Playground, NIE
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE!The forum aims to bring forth current ideas, both philosophical and pedagogical, and practices on arts education in Singaporean schools, specifically notions of...

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