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Women Artists in Singapore: Perspectives on Creative Processes and Arts Education by Xin Xiaochang and Guo Yixiu

Women Artists in Singapore: Perspectives on Creative Processes and Arts Education is a series of forums that will feature various female artists in Singapore's arts scene. Each artist will share about her creative processes through her artistic works/activities and present her perspectives about arts education. The 6th session of this series presents 2 artists: Xin Xiaochang and Guo Yixiu.

"A Residence of the Mind" by Xin Xiaochang
Xin Xiaochang has always grounded her works in her homeland of Singapore, and its many quirks that both annoy and inspire her. There is an intimacy in the objects she makes that is born not only from their scale, but also an attention to detail requiring close quarters to appreciate.
A look at her many series of sculptural art produced since 2007 reveals a mind fixated on rootedness. From reproducing the forms that came from her grandmother’s past, to reinterpreting the intricate beading found on traditional Peranakan slippers, and even in the pieces and dioramas that question our changing way of life, she returns our gaze to our beginnings—both as a collective people and as individuals.
Xin will be sharing the stories and thoughts leading to the creation of her works, guiding us through her creative processes and presenting her perspectives about arts education.
Biography: b. 1982, Singapore. Xin Xiaochang is an artist whose work is informed by her cross disciplinary background in art and design. Originally trained in interior architecture, she graduated with first class honours from the Applied and Decorative Arts programme at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), United Kingdom. Xin then joined the Antwerp, Belgium-based Studio Job, a design outfit of international acclaim for a year. 
Xin has exhibited in four solos and several group shows in Singapore and overseas. Her work mixes ceramics and other materials in sculptures and installations. Xin’s works are held in private and corporate collections globally. She currently lectures as an adjunct at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and conducts various art workshops in schools, while continuing to practice as an artist.
Xin constantly develops her interest in the amalgamation of art, design and craft.  Her studio interest lies primarily on the play of different materials. She enjoys investigating and experimenting with mixed mediums especially with ceramics; where she finds each process deductive and intuitive. Xin does not consider herself as a ceramicist or potter, but rather a contemporary artist. Her artistic practice engages with humour and play, constantly using Singapore as a context for her works.
"Consumerism and the Everyday" by Guo Yixiu
Focusing on her artistic practice, Guo will speak about the main ideology that drives her work and practice; the context in which she is motivated to produce, and the lack of a 'form/media' structure in its production. In relation to that, Guo will speak about her teaching practice and how her definition of an 'artist' drives the way in which she teaches. 
Biography: Guo is obsessive over the consumerist systems of Singapore, where she finds intricate links towards its history and culture. She sees her own artistic goal as a contemplation towards the unnerving consumerist oriented society of Singapore. She debates the unnatural quality of this, as it infringes and seeps itself into one's everyday life. Her works, where 'form/media' becomes secondary, stand as statements to present-day Singapore. Thus far, they have existed as photographic composites, paintings and sculptural forms/installations. Often putting on a humorous front, and establishing themselves as objects of 'play', the works often embody difficult truths within them.
To attend, please register at: http://goo.gl/forms/wOr8gDZmhb

You can now watch Xiaochang's presentation here:

You can now watch Yixiu's presentation here:


26 May 2016
Date: 26 May, 2016, Thursday Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Venue: Library @ Esplanade, Open Stage, 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

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