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The school has to shift from learning for never-ending tests to acquiring competences. What are the faculties that are needed in order to face the demands of the 21stcentury?

In 2013 in Berlin, Andreas Schleicher, alias “Mister PISA”, spoke about the need for a change in the curriculum of the schools. He  said,

How to make learning central? By encouraging engagement which includes fostering lifelong skills—skills-oriented learning instead of qualifications-focused education; and to have a place where students come to understand themselves through continual assessment with formative feedback.

What is demanding to every student but not overloading? This question sees the fostering of demand-sensitive and relevant learning involving employers and understanding what skills drive economic and social outcomes. The importance of learning the right mix of skills in effective, equitable and efficient ways ensures that learning is social and collaborative.

Thus, Waldorf education promotes connections across subjects and activities beyond the school.

The Waldorf/Steiner education has a curriculum which includes artistic activities right from Kindergarten up to grade 12 and focuses on the competences that are needed to face the demands of a globalized economy in the 21st century. This lecture will give some aspects of modern learning and teaching methods in Waldorf schools.


About Horst Hellmann

Born in 1943 in Germany. Horst Hellmann has spent over 30 years teaching in Steiner schools. Since 1982 he has been conducting seminars to train Waldorf teachers, in Australia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Philippines such as Iloilo in 2005. He was involved in setting up 14 schools/initiatives across Australia and Asia. Presently, he is setting up a Waldorf-inspired School in Davao, Tuburan Institute, and Dulyapat in Khonkaen, Thailand. He is also a Mentor for Waldorf Primary Programme Singapore and  Main Trainer for Waldorf Primary Teacher’s Training Modules in Singapore.


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15 April 2015
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm, Venue: Open Stage, Library @ Esplanade, 8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039802

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