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In this forum, we invite four JC art teachers to share their practices, experiences and thoughts on arts education in terms of allowing students to make sense of their art processes, and dealing with issues of identity, diversity and inclusion in the art classroom. The second part of the sharing will involve a discussion and Q and A with the audience.

Please register at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18mzcAEEH1CW-yA1ViR8jJ2xFn94hzE9N7ibUH89...


Jennifer Ng  

Research involves careful investigation and study aimed at expanding the knowledge of a subject. More importantly, it denotes the action of searching again. As an art educator in a junior college, I am interested in spaces we can create/find/open-up for our students to engage in this habit of "searching again". In these spaces, I exist simultaneously as a teacher and as a learner.

Jennifer Ng is currently an art teacher in Anglo-Chinese Junior College while pursuing part-time a Masters degree in the National Institute of Education.


Tang Li Jen

Art education supports the development of 21st century competencies, such as creativity, innovation, cross-cultural understanding and resilience in our students, underpinning the holistic education to better position them to take advantage of opportunities in a globalised world.  I will attempt to share from my experience, teaching Art in a junior college, how this can be put in practice.

Tang Li Jen is currently an art teacher in Victoria Junior College.


Siti Annazia Mohd Hamsani  

In building communities of learners, students learn to learn with and from one another, as well as develop a suitable online platform to extend their learning beyond school. By creating Google+ communities for my classes, students support each others' learning through generative conversations, summarising the learning for each other and sharing their findings about artists to contribute to the class knowledge building. Students also consolidate their own learning and thoughts as they articulate their critique and appreciation of visual art. I will be sharing my journey in experimenting with Google+ and Google Drive as a tool for teaching SOVA to encourage self-directed and collaborative learning in my classes. 

Siti Annazia is currently teaching H1 and H2 Art at Millennia Institute.


Adrian Tan

Art learners are a unique breed in Junior Colleges (JC), they have chosen to take H2/H3 Art. These learners have an interest in art-making, where they develop and hone their technical skills in the creation of a coursework. In this dialogue, I hope to address the correlation of art-making at JC Level with the roles that research, critical thinking and writing skills has in the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) and Theory of Art (TOA) courses in their 2-year art education.

Adrian Tan is currently an art teacher in National Junior College.


Paul Lincoln and Kehk Bee Lian are currently visual arts lecturers in NIE.

The video can be watched here from CARE on Vimeo.


10 March 2014

4.30pm - 5.30pm

Anglo-Chinese JC, 25 Dover Close East Lecture, Theatre 3, Level 2

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