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From looking at specialized art programmes to creative music and movement to visual arts, storytelling and documentation, each invited artist educator will first share how the curriculum and activities in their practice are structured to encourage a sense of creativity and exploration. The second part of the sharing will involve a discussion and Q and A with the audience.

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Vincent Twardzik Ching will be talking about the benefits and possible pitfalls of having specialized art programmes for at risk and underprivileged children and youth. He will be sharing personal experience with reference to some early childhood theory and research specific to this area.

Vincent Twardzik Ching is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Visual Arts and an adjunct lecturer for NTUC Seed Institute, teaching the Visual Arts

Lavina Chong will be presenting on "Creative Music and Movement in the Early Childhood Classrooms". Every child is MUSICAL. This is a creative and exploratory approach where Songs/ Charts/ Rhymes are ‘s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d’ to help children internalized the musical concepts and makes learning fun and meaningful at the same time. There are many opportunities for children of diverse abilities to be engaged in different roles and even ensemble play in the early childhood classroom.

Lavina Chong is the Co-Founder/ Director of Our Music Classroom Pte Ltd that provides creative music and movement programs to local and international schools in Singapore. Her work in the field of Early Childhood Education dates back to 1990. She has attained a Masters in Science (Early Childhood Education) from Wheelock College and has professional qualifications in Music, Yogakids, Speech and Drama, and Storytelling. She is presently an Associate Professor with Wheelock College International, Singapore and an Adjunct Lecturer with Seed Institute, UniSIM, and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She often presents in Educational Conferences both locally and internationally. Her specialization includes Creative Arts, Language & Literacy, and Infant/Toddler Development.

Wong Seet Fun will be presenting on "An Observation. A Documentation. A Book". Can you tell a story with a piece of Artwork? Can you create stories and storybooks with recycled materials? Can you extend a story with art? Participants will get a glimpse of how a storybook was created by children from Art Loft. Seet Fun will share her experiences with participants how the book was not just any storybook. It was the children’s observations of sea creatures. It was also the teachers’ observations of the children’s progress in art development. More importantly, it was an attempt to document a teaching pedagogy.

Wong Seet Fun is the founder and owner of Art Loft and has been teaching art to young children and adults for 10 years. She is an Adjunct Lecturer with SEED Institute, Nanyang Management, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and UniSIM where she co-teaches “The Creative Arts” module. She has also taught a module on “Children’s use of Organization of Semiotic System” at NTU, NIE. Ms Wong is an advocate for active parental participation in young children’s Art development and learning. She has been conducting parenting talks/workshops for families, hoping to motivate eager parents to work with their children and to empower them with the requisite knowledge.

Sumitra Pasupathy,( MA, MEng, MBA)  is the Co-Founder of Playeum and the mother of 3 children, with over 15 years international experience in the creative sector and in product development. Playeum is a creative arts education content developer and provider for young children, parents and educators. They empower children to direct and own their learning experience; impacting creative development, collaborative skills and well-being. Playeum has conducted research in studying the “Needs and gaps in the local community through a community consultation with over 100 parents and stakeholders in a child life”. These findings were shared at the International arts in Early Childhood Conference in Singapore. In their work, Playeum has documented children’s engagement through play in different experiential learning environments.

The video can be watched here from CARE on Vimeo.


21 February 2014
7pm - 8.15pm Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B, #05-02

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