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NIECARE Webinar Series: Collective Free Music Improvisation – Value in Music Education and Preliminary Pedagogical Framework (Ng Hoon Hong, Visual & Performing Arts)

Date: 11 March 2021 (Thursday) Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm (UTC+8)

Speaker: Mr. Ng Hoon Hong Moderator: Chua Siew Ling Venue: via Zoom

About Mr. Ng Hoon Hong

Ng Hoon Hong is a lecturer in music education at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. With more than a decade of experience as a secondary school music teacher, he currently conducts music curriculum, teaching practice, creativity, and ICT courses for pre-service music teachers across diploma, degree, and PGDE programmes. His research interests and publications include areas in free music improvisation, popular music, and creative curriculum designs.

About Dr Chua Siew Ling Dr Chua Siew Ling is Principal Master Teacher at the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts. She provides guidance in music pedagogy and in the professional development of music teachers in schools. She has organised professional development sessions for music teachers, co-taught with music teachers in schools, performed with music teachers at concerts, and contributed articles in music education.

About the presentation

This presentation will first define and discuss the value of collective free music improvisation (CFMI) in music education based on existing literature. It will next introduce a preliminary pedagogical framework for CFMI derived from a qualitative case study which explored student teachers’ experiences learning CFMI in a teacher training course in NIE. This framework is anchored primarily on socio-musical interactions, shared understanding, and personal musical language as enablers of CFMI. In the current absence of CFMI pedagogues and school curriculum, the framework could potentially guide the initial piloting of CFMI in Singapore schools, to be refined further in subsequent studies.

11 March 2021

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