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The forum will first discuss the overall history of arts policies in Singapore, with particular focus on the establishment of arts institution. The development of these arts policies will then be traced according to the government’s policies after 1995 when “A Global City for the Arts” was established. Characteristics of these policies will also be tackled. Comparisons will then be drawn with examples of arts policies in other global cities (Shanghai, Tokyo, etc.) and their merits/demerits will be examined, as well. Dr Kawasaki will also look at the art infrastructure, functions of fine-art tendencies, creative clusters (Pop-culture as Cultural industries), and division of policies in the Singapore government (EDB, MICA, NAC, etc.).


Dr Ken’ichi Kawasaki

Dr Ken’ichi Kawasaki is a Professor of Cultural Sociology in the Faculty of Global Media Studies in Komazawa University. He has served as a vice-president of Creative City Consortium (NPO), an executive board member of Japan Association for Cultural Economics, and a councilor of the Japan Society of Communication and Information Research.

Dr Kawasaki finished his M.A. in Sociology from Tokyo University. For the following years, he continued to teach as an Assistant (Hokkaido University, 1980), Instructor and Associate Professor (Tokyo Gakugei University, 1984), Associate Professor and Professor (Komazawa University, 1991), and Visiting Lecturer (Bristol University, England, 1994-95). He was also a Visiting Scholar in Nottingham Trent University, England (2002), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2002-2003) and Shanghai Academy of Social Science (2011). He is currently a Visiting Researcher at the National University of Singapore.

Dr Kawasaki’s main concern is cultural Sociology (i.e. cultural policy, cultural industries, and cultural exchange under globalization) and he has tackled both sides of fine-art culture and popular culture.

28 March 2012
NIE3-02-18 National Institute of Education, 1 Nanyang Walk / Time: 12nn-1pm

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