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The Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE) would like to invite you to an informal discussion on pedagogies and practices in arts education and the development of empathy and dialogue.

Is there Empathy in your classroom? Can you deal with the unpredictability of Dialogue as central to learning? If so, would you like to articulate and discuss your pedagogical methods and strategies with other Arts Educators?

Empathy is an important social emotional skill in and outside of the classroom that helps build respect, responsibility, understanding and care towards others. Through dialogue, ideas of empathy can be learned and understood at a meaningful level. CARE’s current research agenda focuses on how the arts can help to develop dialogues about empathy between facilitators, participants, audiences and artworks. What pedagogies and practices in arts education emphasize these skills and qualities in empathy? This informal session aims to discuss and investigate teaching methods and strategies in arts education which draw out dialogue in learning about empathy.

  • Possible themes for discussion include (and not restricted to): 
  • Arts and the Environment
  • Arts and Marginalized Communities 
  • Arts and the Family
  • Arts and the Political
  • Arts and the Power of Cooperation 

We want to hear from you! Please email shuxia.tai@nie.edu.sg your interest in participating by 5 December. Let us know the topic(s) you would like to hear/talk about and give us suggestions of themes that might be useful for the discussion! Once we have received and consolidated responses, we will be sending out updates on the event(s). Stay tuned!

1 January 2015

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