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Process Drama: Dialogue and Empathy in Critical Pedagogy

By Rethi

As teachers we often ask how we can help unmotivated students engage with themselves and the world around them; to encourage them to exchange their thoughts, feelings and ideas, and empathise with the views of others. In this presentation I discuss how I applied Process Drama and social media as a means of connecting a class of Normal Technical students to the content of their Social Studies lessons. Using a Critical Pedagogy framework, I draw on examples of students working processes and responses to identify some of the ways in which a Process Drama classroom, juxtaposed with the application of social media technologies, can provide sites for fostering critical citizenry, student emancipation and empowerment. I consider how these learning processes can facilitate empathy and dialogue through the fiction of the structured dramatic world and the real world of the classroom. I highlight the importance of establishing a democratic learning space to nurture empathy and dialogue and articulate potential considerations that an educator might face in this pursuit.


About the speaker

S. Rethinavel (Rethi) is a full time educator and has been teaching history and social studies for the past 8 years. He has predominantly taught the Normal Technical (NT) stream spanning over two secondary schools. His interest in drama arose while he was studying at the National University of Singapore as an undergraduate and he has recently completed his Masters of Education in Drama.


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Developing Empathy and Dialogue  through Pedagogies and Practices in Arts Education is a series of informal discussions that aim to discuss and investigate teaching methods and strategies in arts education which draw out dialogue in learning about empathy.

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23 April 2015
Time: 6.30pm—8.30pm, Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Blk B, #03-13, Meeting Room 2 , 90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053

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