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Performances in the Everyday: art activities in real world situations 

By Jay Koh

In this session we have speaker Jay Koh to present on his work in art-led participative processes (ALPP). It will be followed by an informal discussion with everyone. Refreshments will be provided. 

To attend, please register at http://goo.gl/5RxGX1 Thank you!


Performances in the Everyday is a framework to discuss my research on art-led participative processes (ALPP) in real world situations. In these performances, individuals' identities are projected and shown in public as 'fronts' (as discussed by sociologist Erving Goffman); as 'hidden transcripts' of communication of resistances (as discussed by sociologist James C. Scott); and as responsive behaviour characterised by 'withness-thinking' (as discussed by communications theorist John Shotter).

ALPP engage audiences and participants' embedded subjectivities and intra and inter cultural differences in progressive social interactions towards building relationships that motivate participation and collaboration. ALPP are grounded in the critical concepts of the 'dialogical aesthetics' of historian Grant Kester and the 'dialogism' of philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin; to provide ethical processes and answerability to the independence of others. In this talk, I will use anecdotes from my activities in Myanmar and Ireland to illustrate the working of the above-mentioned concepts within ALPP.


About the speaker

Jay Koh, born in Singapore, identifies himself as a Southeast Asian artist-curator with a multifaceted practice that seeks responsive, dialogical and critical engagements. Jay has created diverse public participatory art projects across Europe and Asia, directed art spaces in Cologne and Yangon and run the Open Academy, art-led, learner-driven, capacity building programmes - in Hanoi, Hue, Ulaanbaatar and Yangon in collaboration with Malaysian artist Chu Yuan. In Ireland, he took on additional roles as an evaluator and mentor in art related and resource development activities. He has attained his Doctor of Fine Arts in cross-disciplinary artistic research with the University of the Arts, Helsinki and is now preparing a book publication on Art-Led Participative Processes.

Recently he undertook a cultural diversity fellowship in Scotland and a durational public art project with Spaced in Australia. Jay has published widely and continues to research on the ecological validation and answerability of public engaging art praxis.


Developing Empathy and Dialogue  through Pedagogies and Practices in Arts Education is a series of informal discussions that aim to discuss and investigate teaching methods and strategies in arts education which draw out dialogue in learning about empathy.



Jay Koh from CARE Vimeo for the Presentation and Discussion.


29 January 2015
Time: 7pm-9pm , Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Block B #03-13 (Meeting Room 2) 90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053

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