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Dance & Social Justice by Kavitha Krishnan
Dance & Social Justice is a forum series that aims to feature presentations by and dialogue with dance practitioners whose works are directed towards or inspired from social issues. 
To attend, please register at: http://bit.ly/2kqOIIM
As a dance artist and with her previous training as an Occupational Therapist, since 2015, Kavitha Krishnan has embarked on multi-disciplinary dance-theatre to address social and global issues and has successfully presented 2 installments of the 5-part annual series, PANCHA that expounds 5 different female archetypes in association to nature’s elements: Wind, Fire, Earth, Space and Water. Each installment addresses social concerns such as, War, Women and Patriarchy, Sexual Abuse, Gender Identity-Stereotypying and Disability. The works are presented in non- conventional settings so as to bring arts closer to community. Kavitha and Maya Dance Theatre have been constantly working with the community through the arts. Currently she is working on her new project, “Anwesha, beyond the darkness!” that addresses Mental Well-being. 
In this forum, Kavitha will share with us her creative processes and her journey of social exploration using dance as a means. 
About the speaker:
Kavitha Krishnan has many years of dance experience; she is a trained Occupational Therapist with a degree in eldercare management (MSc in Community Services Management Swansea, UK). Currently, she is the co-founder and artistic director of Maya Dance Theatre (MDT), a contemporary dance-theatre company with an extensive performance journey in both local and overseas dance/arts festivals; and they have worked with various international artists. Kavitha’s other works include: ‘Realizing Rama’, an ASEAN Flagship Production with international tours (2002, 2003, and 2006), PATH at the Accidental Festival (UK), and GREY in regional tours (2013) with MDT. 
Kavitha is also the co-founder and creative director of Apsara Asia Pte Ltd, an arts management and performances company providing arts education programmes for schools and arts engagement services to community sectors such as, disability, mental health and elderly. The unique combination of being a trained dancer and OT, Kavitha uses the benefits of dance to connect with different people in the community. She has been the resident choreographer at Republic Polytechnic for the Indian Cultural Group (RPICG) for the past 10 years. In 2013, Kavitha worked with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts dance division and Dr Caren Carino, Head of Dance at NAFA to create the module on Dance Movement Therapy (DMT).  Kavitha shares her passion for dance and its benefits with many.
“Kavitha’s years of experience in Indian Classical Dance (Bharata Natyam) and in Asian dance forms and with her deep interest in modern contemporary works brings out a unique Asian contemporary dance style with innovation and creativity to her works for Maya Dance Theatre.” - Flying Inkpot, Singapore 
You can now watch the session here:


8 November 2017
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Open Stage, Library@Esplanade. 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

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