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11th CDIME 2012 (To watch videos of keynotes and selected sessions, please scroll down.)

Conference Dates: Wednesday 04 – Friday 06 January 2012
Venue:  Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Lee Foundation Theatre, Campus 3, 151 Bencoolen Street

Deadline for paper and workshop proposals: July 15, 2011

CONFERENCE THEME: Diversity and Inclusivity: Practices and Pedagogies in Contemporary Music Education

From its beginnings in Amsterdam in 1991, CDIME has grown beyond its initial brief of studying the phenomenon of ‘teaching world music’. Countries hosting expatriate, migrant or refugee communities are also hosting communities of musical practices which affect global and local flows of musical and artistic practices between them. The fundamental challenge is to locate ways to respond to and through these communities of musical practice, not least through education. In keeping with the dynamism found in music, education and culture, this conference hopes to continue to pursue questions of teaching and learning in the creating performing and responding to folk music, art music and traditional and popular musics of the world.

Major themes:

1)      Inclusion in practices of refugees and immigrant communities

2)      Gender and orientation

3)      Communication and the Web

4)      Ethics in music education Practices

5)      Crossings between critical musicology/ ethnomusicology and music education

6)      Effects of post-colonialism, politics and their perpetuation

7)      Economic argument in cultural diversity

8)      Revisiting notions of informality, structure and systems within the school curriculum

9)      Music as enacted and performative culture

Proposals on other topics relating to cultural diversity in music education are also welcome.

Keynote Speakers:

Abstracts of Keynotes can be found here


"On the Route towards Enriching Education in and through Music: A course called MUSED 452"  Keynote by Patricia Shehan Campbell



"Teaching as Learning: A Perspective on the Electric Guitar" Keynote by Larry Hilarian Francis and Eugene Dairianathan



"The Interplay of Diverse Elements in Music" Keynote by Kelly Tang and Peter Stead 



"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Dreams and Reality of Cultural Diversity in Music Education at the Beginning of the Second Decade"  Session by Huib Schippers and Patricia Shehan Campbell



"Building Music Education in Schools across Nepal: Recontextualising Folk Music Traditions"  Session by Iman Shah



"Music as Voice of the Masses: Cultural Influences in Talent Development"
Session by Myra Garces Bacsal, Noel Cabangon and Jesus Federico Hernandez  &
"Meaning Making through Music: The Intersections of Music and Socio-cultural Realities -Concert and Conversation"  Workshop by Noel Cabangon



"NIE Cultural Show"   Performance by 1. Lim Choo Li (Guzheng), 2. Lim Yi Benjamin (Sheng) and Yick Jue Ru (Yangqin), and 3. Bildungsroman (Pop Band) members: Gideon Tan (Guitar/vocals), Tasha Eu Lynn (Vocals), Geraldine Lim (Drums), Neda Lee (Piano/Bass) and Joyce Chen (Piano/Bass).



Conference convenor
UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE)
National Institute of Education

Conference sites: National Institute of Education and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

4 January 2012 - 6 January 2012
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Lee Foundation Theatre, Campus 3, 151 Bencoolen Street, Singapore

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